Goals of Caucus Chair/Commander
Wendy Ella May

Hello, comrades-in-arms as the State Chair/Commander and State Director of the North Carolina Veteran and Military Family Caucus, I understand the hard work ahead and the great work done by others before me. It is my attention to united all parties in the Old North State as one. I have set goals for my term as State Chair and wish to share with you.

1. To have one voice for all veterans and military families.
2. To Be the best leader I can be by having the ability to listen more than I speak.
3. To build a great leadership team with people specialized and knowledgeable or adapt to learn.
4. To be Open and Affirming to all Veterans and Military Families and to follow the by-laws and governing rules of The North Carolina Democratic Party and the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE.
5. To build a grassroots group of Veteran and Military Family members in every one of the 100 counties in North Carolina by the end of my term in 2021.
6. To help elect Veterans and Members of The Military Family at all levels of Government.
7. To help build better laws and services for Veterans and Military by using the following committeesPlatform, Resolutions, and Legislative action.
8. To stand with the Veteran, Widows, Military Family members and allies in the fight for the rights of all who have served.
9. To be fair and impartial and just and unbiased in all my duties and actions as State Chair/Commander.
10. To do my job for the betterment of the Veteran, Widow, Military Family members, and allies and to leave this caucus in a better place then I found it.

Wendy Ella May
State Chair/Commander 2019-2021
Veteran and Military Family Caucus of The NCDP